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Divorce Coaching
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Divorce Coaching

My radio debut

Today was my radio debut, I was interviewed by an old friend Denise Oliver, who I met during my Nutritional Healing Foundation training, on Calon FM a community radio programme.  I will put the links so you can listen again, but its only available for 7 days, both shows aired on 2nd October and I will give the links below;

I have to say I had a great time and really enjoyed being on the radio, the time went really quickly and Denise and I chatted about my journey through Nutritional Healing and into wellness coaching.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching

When I did my training as a coach, I had to submit a 'project' as part of my final piece.  At the time I was going through divorce after nearly 25 years of marriage with two teenage girls.  I looked into divorce and how coaching could help the process, my experience was that during my coach training I had used my coaching techniques and sailed fairly unscathed through the process.  As I did my research I came across the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross diagram of grief, it fitted so well into divorce.
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