Energy Foods

We all get energy from food, from the photosynthesis of plants we get their life force by eating a high plant based diet.
There is no 'one fits all' when it comes to correct nutrition and what is right for us.  How often do we complain that a friend or partner seems to be able to eat what they want and they don't gain weight, feel sluggish or have allergies.  Why do some people go on to have dietary illnesses and intolerances, whilst others seem to thrive. 
However, we all know that if we eat for nutrition sake, rather than to 'feed' something that we are lacking, we begin to feel better about all aspects of our life.
Nutrition is a huge subject and, depending what you want to achieve, best tailored individually from a Nutritional Therapist.
You can take the strain off you body though by eating a more plant based diet, rainbow foods, reducing/eliminating processed and refined foods.  When we eat a rainbow diet we are getting a wide range of differing antioxidants that are going to keep us healthy and our body functioning optimally.
Not to be forgotten, whilst I am talking about nutrition, is the vital life giving force of simple water.  We are all made from up to 70 percent water and our cells need a flow of water daily to move stale toxins from our system.  A minimum of 6 - 8 glasses a day of the purest water we can find, introduced gradually, will see us thinking clearer, radiant skin and energised.

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