Energy Exercises

Find the right exercise for you to maintain your energy and boost your immune systemon a daily basis.  The ancient practises of YOGA and CHI KUNG are a great way to restore balanceto mind and body and give you more energy to approach each new day.  Simple sun salutations in yoga were developed to practise at the beginning of each new day in India and help to stretch and tone your body, at the same time balancing your mind.  Chi Kung, warm ups for the practise of Tai Chi, can be energising and calming so frame the day for you when practised in the morning. Moon salutations and simple breathing techniques can be performed in the evenings before bed, if this is a more appropriate time for you.
We are energy bodies and need to look after our energy by exercising each day to help keep the balance.  Energy exercises can be developed for any and all abilities, yoga can be done from chairs and modified for all needs, as can Chi Kung.  Either do some searching on the internet and you tube to find the styles that suit you, or find a qualified teacher to help you, or better still join a class and meet new people.  What you learn in the class can then be used at home.
If you lack determination and motivation, then maybe some coaching will help you to define some goals and bring your desires into action.

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