Energy Balance

Is it any wonder that we live in a stressful environment? We are expected to multi task and be the perfect partner, employee, parent etc.  Modern society has given us a myriad of distractions, internet, tv, social media and the workplace is becoming ever more demanding.  All of this can pull us out of balance and out of touch with our true nature and we can begin to suffer from stress and the results of stress - digestive disorders, sleeplessness, headaches, hormone imbalances to mention a few.  So how do we try and keep our balance? We need to take time out of the business of life to just BE and to reconnect to our true nature and wisdom.  Mindfulness is one of the ways that we can stop and pay attention in the present moment and bring AWARENESS to how we are feeling. 
A simple way to start mindfulness is to use the breath:
Find a quiet place and time, switch off all your distractions, phones, tv etc, sit comfortably and gently bring your attention to your breath.
Allow your breath to find its own natural pattern, without trying to do anything other than notice your breath.
Be inquisitive about the quality of your breath, is it smooth? ragged? short or long?
Are their any sensations around the breath? warmth, cold? damp, dryness?
Whatever you observe is fine, it simply is your experience in this moment.
Don't TRY to do anything with your breath, simply observe it, don't judge it or try to make it anything other than it is, just allow it to be as it is.
Just allowing the rise and fall, the in breath and the out breath.
Practise for as long as you can, or have time for to begin with, its great for the beginning or the end of the day.  By practising mindfulness of breath in the evenings before bed it gives you chance to be calmer and get a better quality of sleep.  In the morning it is a great way to frame your day for you, and during stressful periods it can help you to remain calm and therefore less stressed.
Other ways that we can balance our energy more are many alternative therapies such as massage, reiki, energy healing and pampering ourselves with warm candlelit lavender baths, anything that helps you to relax and balance the stress in your life more.
If you would like to develop a mindfulness or meditation practise try and find a practitioner or classes nearby - I often run workshops so watch my events page or get in touch if you would like to do some work on energy balance with me.


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